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1. Vosges-Haut Chocolat

JazzWith a creamy filling and a brittle coating, the blend of espresso and dark chocolate provides just enough sweetness enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Black Pearl – The appearance of this truffle yells “Matcha” at you – the light green powder on top and the slight scent of tea are both obvious clues. The slightly bitter yet refreshing matcha filling foiled by the silky texture of the dark chocolate coating melts into a perfect harmony in your mouth.

Barcelona Exotic Chocolate Bar –The 45% milk dark chocolate base combines the advantage of both species – the smooth texture of milk chocolate enriched by the subtle, bitter aftertaste of the dark chocolate. Along with a hint of sea salt and the crunchy texture of almonds, the bar melts into a harmonized and exciting flavor.
Mon– Sat: 10am-9pm | Sun: 11am-7pm
Parking: Garage | Wi-Fi: No
Price Range: Bars: $8 | Truffle Collections: $45-$55

2. Teuscher Chicago

Pistachio Truffle –  The smooth texture of the truffle along with the nutty flavor of pistachio makes this piece a must try for nut lovers. The rich and creamy pistachio filling perfectly counterbalances the bitter dark chocolate foil, creating a sophisticated flavor that diffuses on your tongue.

Green Tea Dark Chocolate Truffle – This piece is sublime in its texture and quality. Covered in a generous dusting of matcha, this truffle balances well the earthy flavor of the green tea with the refined sweetness of the dark chocolate. Without overpowering the richness of the dark chocolate, the gently infused green tea flavor sneaks in as your chew.
Mon–Sat:10am-7pm | Sun:12pm-6pm
Parking: Garage | Wi-Fi: No
Price Range: Assorted Truffles Box: $16-$35+

3. Veruca

Raspberry – The smooth milk chocolate ganache along with a hint of raspberry provided by the sprinkle on top fuses into a pleasant harmony upon your tongue.

Sea-salt Caramels – The signature caramel-filled chocolate brings you a two-dimensional treat. The soft, silky texture of the outer coating gives way to a chewy inner. Even long after chocolate’s diffused away, the caramel core keeps you engaged.
Mon: closed | Tue–Sat: 10am–5pm | Sun: 10am–2pm
Parking: Street | Wi-Fi: No
Price Range: Gift Boxes: “under $25”, “under $50”, and “under $100”

4. KC Chocolatier

Wafer Chocolate Bonbon – The crunch of the coating chocolate gives way to a crispy, airy center. The wafer core provides the entire truffle with a fulfilling volume. The slight bitterness of the dark chocolate perfectly contrast the slight sweetness of the center. Together, they form a complete truffle.
Mon–Fri: 11am–7pm
Sat:10am–7pm | Sun:11am–5pm
Parking: Street | Wi-Fi: Free
Price Range: Hand-packed Boxes: $6-84 | Gift Boxes: $45+

5. Leonidas

 Mango-white Chocolate–Tropical fruit and chocolate do not always seem to go together, but this truffle with is indeed a beautiful exception. The flavorful and passionate hint of mango hits the tongue by surprise and brings life to the white chocolate coating.

Dark Chocolate TruffleThe dark chocolate has a slight milky aroma accompanied by a stunning buttery, silky texture. The rich layers unveil a new flavor with each bite.

Hazelnut Chocolate TruffleDon’t be deceived by its minimalistic appearance: the simple rectangular chocolate embraces a luscious hazelnut and milk chocolate stuffing inside. The crunchy hazelnut bits and the silky chocolate coating will make all nut-lovers go nutty.
Mon–Thu: 7:30am–8pm | Fri–Sun:7:30am–9pm
Parking: Street, Garage | Wi-Fi: Free
Price Range: Individual Chocolates: up to $2 | Bars: $5-20 | Gift Boxes: $20-$120

Contributors: Jiaming, Tracy, Eileen, Elenore, Eng, Coco, Cindy

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