Who said eating alone is pathetic?

1. Fish Bar

From its beautiful interior to feel-good tunes to friendly waiters, this restaurant leaves you feeling happy (and perhaps in a slight food-coma from all the irresistibly yummy dishes).

Clam Chowder – A classic seafood dish perfect for a cold Chicago day. The soup has a creamy texture that is not too thick or heavy. It is a great little appetizer to start off with and it warms your stomach from inside out.

Salmon à la Plancha – The main event. The 3-ounce fillet might be the perfect size when paired with the small bowl of soup or other appetizer. To start, the presentation is beautiful and that isn’t even the best part. The salmon is incredibly tender, and it instantly melts in your mouth. The fresh root vegetables give the dish a spark, and the slightly sweet butternut squash sauce balances well with the sea salt sprinkled on top of the fillet. All the ingredients blend seamlessly together to create an interesting and enjoyable harmony of flavors!

S’mores – Because you always have to treat yourself, no matter if you’re eating alone or with a bunch of friends. This dessert comes with a small heater, wooden sticks, graham crackers of which some already have melted chocolate spread on, and of course marshmallows. It’s a fun dish that brings back nostalgic memories of childhood and is a wonderful way to top off the meal.

Mon-Thu: 11:30am-10pm
Fri-Sat: 11:30am-11pm
Sun: 11:30am-10pm
Parking: Street | Wi-Fi: No
Price Range: $11-30
Reservations (3+): Call 773.687.8177

2. Dove’s Lucheonette

It is really easy to miss out this small luncheonette near the Damen subway station. The chill, informal restaurant has a bar and some seats by the window that are perfect for solo dining, but the countrystyle music and the friendly staff make you feel at home. The menu offers a wide variety ranging from Southern comfort food to light healthy dishes. The Avocado Toast is nowhere near traditional. The vinegar-based dressing is super light, yet the prosciutto gives a strong flavor without overwhelming you. Similarly the Spinach Salad retains the refreshing taste of the vegetables, but at the same time the pickled butternut squash adds a bit of sweetness to the dish. The Black-Eyed Pea Hummus is a must-order tapas: they made the hummus and the biscuit in the house! You should definitely hang out here when you find yourself in wicker park!

Mon-Thu: 9am-9pm
Fri-Sat: 8am-10pm
Sun: 8am-9pm
Parking: Street | Wi-Fi: No
Price Range: $11-30

3. Small Cheval

Don’t be deceived by the plain exterior of Small Cheval, it will soon become your favorite burger place once you take an adventure inside. The industrial-decorated space is usually rife with satisfied customers on weekends. Follow the long line and you will find a menu with just three options: Burger, Cheeseburger and Golden Fries. On a sunny day, you can sit outside and take a bite of the Cheeseburger — a mouthful of double juicy steak patties and pickles will for sure stimulate your taste buds. Now take a sip of the Vanilla Shake and enjoy the rich, creamy milkshake melt on your tongue. Small Cheval also features several different kinds of ketchup. Dip Golden Fries into the tomato sauce of your choice. The visit to Small Cheval will definitely make your day memorable.

Mon-Sat: 11am-12am
Sun: 11am-10pm
Parking: Street | Wi-Fi: No
Price Range: $11-30
Walk-in Only

4. Firefin Poke Shop

Located at one of the busiest, most accessible districts in Chicago, Firefin Poke Shop has been a favorite spot for a lot of the commuters in the neighborhood. You have a wide variety of options here: proteins vary from traditional fish sashimis to chickens and tofu, and bases vary from salads, purple rice and noodles. In the Spicy Salmon bowl, the slightly marinated salmon mingles with the sweetness of pineapple dices, and the spicy honey mayo sauce links all the ingredients together in the bowl. The salmon cubes are extremely fresh and they hardly require any chewing to be swallowed. And most important of all, most of the poke bowls here are under 500 calories!

Mon-Fri: 10:30am-7pm
Sat-Sun: Closed
Parking: Street | Wi-Fi: Free
Price Range: $11-30
Walk-in Only

5. En Hakkore

A healthy eater? A Korean food lover? Or just a Instagram photographer seeking a beautiful bowl of food? If you answer YES to any of the above questions, En Hakkore is your next destination. Bimbimbap here is nontraditional. On the first sight, you might mistaken this innovative dish of rice covered with chopped raw vegetables as a salad. After only one spoonful, you will be stunned by its refreshing taste – it literally feels like a detox from inside out. Another must-try here is the Korean Taco. The beef foiled by the spicy sauce will excite all your senses and entertain you with a novel fusion taste.

Mon-Sat: 11am-9:30pm
Sun: Closed
Parking: Street | Wi-Fi: No
Price Range: $11-30
Walk-in Only

Contributors: Cindy, Coco, Elenore, Eng, Isabella

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