You have 24 hours in Nashville on a Sunday, where are your top food places to hit?
– A Special Edition by Guest Author Christina C.


Start your day with Nashville’s best coffee. CREMA sources sustainable coffee from farmers around the world, in ethical manners, in order to create a unique community of coffee lovers in this city. With awards from the U.S. Roaster Championship, you’ll know that CREMA’s roasts are the cream of the crop and craftsmanship at its best.

Espresso / Macchiato – Take your pick, with or without the milk, this 2 or 3 oz serving size will not disappoint. Served with sparkling water on a wooden tray with your choice of roast, you’ll experience the finest taste from the first sip.

Specialty Latte – Zenzero is the current specialty latte with a warming ginger and molasses reduction. Hints of molasses are subtle and semi-mask the strong ginger scent to perfection. This 12 oz cup is just the right drink for the transition from winter to early spring. If you want to try a classic, grab the popular favorite at CREMA that’s always on the menu – the Cuban: a latte with sweetened condensed milk.

Avocado Toast – This is the avo toast that makes all the rest seem too boring. A locally made goat cheese sets the creamiest base on a slice of sourdough, but the smashed avocado is what steals the show. Mixed with red pepper flakes and lemon juice, this toast is now all about full flavor. A sprinkle of microgreens on top adds a touch of crispness to this avocado masterpiece.

Mon-Fri: 7am-7pm | Sat: 8am-6pm | Sun: 9am-4pm
Parking: Lot | Wi-Fi: Free

Price Range: $5-10
Walk-in Only

2. Josephine

Definitely a jewel and neighborhood favorite of Nashville, Josephine features contemporary American cuisine with carefully composed dishes that will always impress. Pro tip – Josephine takes reservations for Sunday brunch.

Pecan Sticky Buns – The absolute winner of the brunch. These sticky buns are served in a small skillet pan to preserve the warmth of the oh-so-soft bread. Topped with crunchy roasted pecans, your flavorful first bite will be as if your tastebuds ascended to heaven. Literally.

Josephine Benedict – Two perfectly poached eggs sit on top of a small portion of delicate scrapple and country ham, allowing for a savory melt-in-your-mouth experience. The brown butter hollandaise is not too overwhelming as it ties together the eggs and meat exceptionally well. With a side of a simple tossed salad, the entire dish is the perfect portion to satisfy your brunch cravings.

Corned Beef Hash –  Topped with two eggs cooked to your liking (we recommend poached for the perfectly silky yolk), this corned beef hash does not shy away amount-wise. The cured beef is tender as can be, melt-in-your-mouth style. Salted carefully, this generous portion of meat contrasts particularly well with its crispy potatoes.
Mon-Thu: 5pm-10pm | Fri: 5pm-11pm

Sat: 10am-11pm | Sun: 10am-10pm | Weekend Brunch: 10am-3pm

Parking: Street | Wi-Fi: Free
Price Range: $15-40

3. Five Daughters Bakery (12south)

Home of the 100 Layer Donut, Five Daughters Bakery boasts pastries made from scratch daily with locally sourced ingredients and no added preservatives and the likes. Options are aplenty for all pastry lovers with both paleo and vegan choices.

100 Layer Donut – Similar to the cronut, the 100 Layer Donut is a thickly stacked pastry cross of croissant and donut. A variety of flavors will want you asking for more with chocolate sea salt and maple bacon as staple flavors. Seasonal flavors are richly unique – tiramisu with espresso cream infusion, lemon blueberry, and Samoa with caramel cream.

Paleo Donut – When was the last time you had a paleo donut that was so intensely satisfying? Or rather, when was the last time you had a paleo donut, period? Five Daughters creates the softest and most heavenly texture of all pastries, you wouldn’t even notice the paleo-ness of it all. Try the chocolate chip: a dash of sea salt on top of the chocolate glaze culminates in a next-level take on the chocolate chip.

Filled Donuts – A take on the standard cream-filled donut, but one of these is large enough to share, if that’s even an option for you. The dough is perfected to just the right amount of chewiness with decadent cream filled right in the middle. Flavors like PB & Jelly and Boston Cream have just the exact texture and perfection of flavor you were dreaming for.

Mon-Fri: 7am-10pm (or till sold out)
Sat-Sun: 8am-10pm (or till sold out)
Parking: Street | Wi-Fi: 
Price Range: $5-10
Walk-in Only

4. Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

Have time for a quick snack? Do like the Southerners do and grab some hot fried chicken – nothing like a good fattening up for the afternoon. And coming in on a Sunday? You’re in luck as Sundays are the only days they serve chicken & waffles.

Bottom line: the chicken here will be one of the juiciest your mouth will ever come across. The skin? Crisp as ever and not overwhelmingly fattening. Hattie B’s does Southern fried chicken too well, leaving you craving more.

Chicken & Waffles – Though it may seem like these waffles are standard, the crispness of the dough complements the chicken meat like no other. Fried chicken goes classic Sunday brunch style. Drizzle some syrup on it and enjoy sweet, salty, crunchy, and doughy all in one.

Shut the Cluck Up! – Beware, this is not a heat level for the weak. But, if you are brave enough to take up the challenge, arm yourself with a few cups of water and dig in! The meat is as juicy as ever, and the spice will knock your tastebuds out for a hot second (see what we did there?). Don’t worry, though, it’s just a punch in the mouth. Nothing more, nothing less.
Mon-Thu: 11am-10pm

Fri-Sat: 11am-12am | Sun: 11am-4pm
Parking: Street | Wi-Fi:
Price Range: $9-15
Walk-in Only

5. Husk

Southern charm, meet modern flair. “If it doesn’t come from the South, it’s not coming through the door,” says Chef Sean Brock of Husk. Finishing off your day with Husk will leave you speechless. With a backyard garden, in-house pickling and charcuterie, and locally sourced ingredients, it is only natural for the menu to be updated daily resulting in the most unique dining experience.

Cock ‘n’ Bull – In Husk’s version of the Moscow Mule, Heroes vodka makes its mark here, mixed with rosemary infused pear liqueur and hot ginger soda. Emphasis on the hot – the citrus and ginger flavors set the stage for an impressive spiced aftertaste.

HUSK Charcuterie Plate – Don’t miss out on this spotlight starter. Based on the daily offerings, the plate features five to six different cuts. Some favorites include the dry aged pancetta, a liverwurst spread, finocchiona, and fried chicken rillettes. Coriander and fennel add a nice herbal touch along with the pickles to balance off the cured cuts.

Springer Mountain Farms Chicken – Chicken is hard to get absolutely perfect, and many naturally shy away from the chicken entrée afraid of dryness. Not a problem with this plate. There has been no better chicken entrée paired with a wild mushroom and daylily vinegar side topped on two classic soft Southern biscuits. Everything is smooth about this entrée. From presentation to pairing to texture, you’ll be leaving wondering if there ever was a flavor IQ (this dish’s IQ would be through the roof).

Lunch: Mon-Fri: 11am-2pm
Brunch: Sat-Sun: 10am-2pm
Dinner: Sun-Thu: 5pm-10pm | Fri-Sat: 5pm-11pm
Parking: Street | Wi-Fi: No
Price Range: $50+
Reservations | Call (615) 256-6565

Contributors: Guest Author – Christina, Eng | @christinamochi – Instagram

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